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At the Osteopathic Wellness Center, you are guaranteed to find professional and friendly care. Our expert physicians care for everyone in the Wilton, Connecticut region. We treat our patients with a unique, non-invasive treatment that helps both diagnose and care for the source of pain. All of our techniques are customized to fit your specific needs. Whether it be an illness, injury, or both, we can help you.

Conditions We Treat:

Our practices are always safe. They are natural alternatives to the usual pharmaceutical approaches, avoiding any potential harm or damage. Our facility is full licensed and insured, offering you top quality care to help your body heal naturally. Even for those without injury, we strive to help you reach a healthy balance in your life.* To learn more about our clinic or to schedule an appointment today, call our office at (203) 408 – 6255.

Our Osteopathic Doctor: Dr. David Johnston

The Osteopathic Wellness Center is led by Dr. David L. Johnston. He is our trained osteopathic physician. Dr. Johnston is both board certified and hospital trained, offering his years of experience for your ultimate and timely benefit. Dr. Johnston’s treatment methods are unique and effective, providing the people of Wilton with a healthy alternative to surgical treatments. His methods focus on holistic care, treating for the entire body. These non-invasive treatments help with a variety of injuries, including neck pain, back pain, migraines, and accident trauma.*. Dr. Johnston’s decades of medical experiences help our Wilton patients receive top quality care.

Our Osteopathic Clinic serving Wilton, CT

We use only natural procedures, providing the people of Wilton, CT with safe, healthy alternatives to harmful and invasive procedures.* We avoid any method that could potentially cause you pain and only seek to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Our non-invasive methods use hands-on treatments that help the body recover naturally from injury and additional discomforts. We combine our methods with the use of natural supplements to help you fully recover. Rather than treating the surface-level symptoms, our physicians care for the underlying source of pain.

We also test the body for nutritional issues. These tests pave the way for you to receive a healthy, active lifestyle. We want you to enjoy an overall sense of wellness, living without unnecessary pain or discomfort. Everything we do at the Osteopathic Wellness Center is to help you obtain a natural, balanced lifestyle.

We offer our Wilton, CT patients:

Wilton, CT Osteopathic Treatment for:

Accident Trauma

Our osteopathic treatments can help you recover from a variety of injuries, illnesses, and accidents. If you have been suffering with pain from an accident or fall, lost strength or bodily mobility, or struggling with accident side-effects, we can help you begin the healing process. We use techniques such as myofascial release and lymphatic drainage to reduce pain and decrease swelling.*

With the guided care of our professionally trained physicians, you will not only be able to improve your mobility, but also decrease the formation of scar tissue from the accident. Our techniques avoid unnecessary stress on joints and fascia, caring for trauma from concussions, whiplash, and other injuries. If you have recently undergone surgery, we offer rehabilitation services to help you gain full recovery and restore strength.

Back Pain & Neck Pain

Without proper treatment, injuries can lead to long-lasting neck and back pain. This can come from a variety of sources. Heavy lifting, awkward movements, long periods of stress, weight issues, and other problems are all factors that can lead to neck or back pain. Our osteopathic treatments can care for all of these conditions.

Our gentle massages loosen the muscles and soothe strained joints. This helps relax your body return to its natural and balanced state.* Our treatments are designed and customized to treat the specific needs of each patient. We use x-rays, scans, and other tests to determine which techniques can help you best. No matter the injury, our osteopathic treatments and medicines provide you with quality treatment, personalized care, and relief from unnecessary pain.*

Chronic Health Conditions: Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue…

Our osteopathic treatments go beyond treating physical injuries. We care for every patient in a holistic method, treating all of the needs and conditions causing pain. Whether it is an autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalance, or any other chronic condition, our trained physicians provide proper treatment. They work not only to diagnose the condition, but treat the underlying cause of pain as well.

We use both technical and integrative approaches for your treatment. All of our techniques are supported and complimented with laboratory testing.*


Concussions are often results of painful accidents and can have lasting influences. Without proper treatment, these influences can unfortunately become irreversible and alter how one’s brain normally operates. Through osteopathic treatments, we help the people of Wilton recovery swiftly and healthily from concussions. This decreases any long-term risks or negative side effects.*

Jaw Issues: Jaw Pain, TMJ, Sleep Apnea…

Jaw pain is often diagnosed as common or untreatable symptoms. With osteopathic treatments, that is no longer the case. We treat for injuries or illnesses related to the teeth, jaw, and face. We use cranial osteopathy and holistic dentistry to unblock airways, minimize clicking, treat TMJ and other dental issues, and make it easier to breathe. We combine our treatments with Advanced Light Force methods to help the people of Wilton recover naturally and help the body perform properly.*

We proudly serve the Wilton, CT region with relief from jaw pain and other dental issues. This includes overbites, teeth grinding, snoring, sleep apnea, and other related symptoms. Schedule an appointment with us today to treat your pain.

Migraines & Headaches

Chronic migraines and painful headaches can be treated with our osteopathic techniques. Migraines can be sourced from a wide variety of factors. It could be from anxiety, stress, poor diet, improper posture, muscle spasms, or neck pain. Whatever it may be, our trained physicians help identify the underlying source of the headaches and treat it. We offer years of experience to the people of Wilton, CT. All of our treatments are gentle and non-invasive, always helping our patients feel comfortable.

Sports Injuries

Sports are a common source for bodily injuries and painful symptoms later in life. Injuries such as sprains, strains, tears, and more can all be treated with our osteopathic manipulative treatments. Our hands-on methods can comfortably reduce inflammation and bring balance back to any athlete. We also offer natural supplements to help you start on the way back to a natural recovery.

Pain from Whiplash

Whiplash is a common aftereffect of motor vehicle accidents. If not treated immediately or properly, whiplash can lead to lifelong pain and discomfort. Our specially designed osteopathic methods can care for pain to the neck, shoulder, and torso. Whatever the damage is from your accident, we help our Wilton patients receive a healthy recovery.*

Pregnancy & Post-Delivery Therapy

Pregnancy can bring a lot of changes to the body, both during and after the birth. We work alongside our Wilton patients to help reduce stress during the pregnancy. Our osteopathic treatments also promote a quicker recovery after delivery.

Integrative & Holistic Medicine in Wilton

At the Osteopathic Wellness Center, all of our techniques are centered around helping our Wilton patients achieve a healthy lifestyle. We avoid any potential risk of surgery or pharmaceuticals. Our methods are integrative and holistic. We care for the body as a whole and encourage it to heal itself properly.*

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine cares for the entire body. It goes beyond physical treatment and considers every aspect of an individual’s life. This includes the physical nature, as well as social, psychological, environmental, and spiritual.

Your Integrative & Holistic Practitioner: Dr. David Johnston

With his years of medical and osteopathic experience, Dr. David L. Johnston helps you begin your way to a healthy and natural recovery. All of his treatments are holistic, caring for the body as a whole, and helping the people of Wilton receive quality care without the risk of alternative methods.

Osteopathic Medicine in Wilton, CT

With his years of medical and osteopathic experience, Dr. David L. Johnston helps you begin your way to a healthy and natural recovery. All of his treatments are holistic, caring for the body as a whole, and helping the people of Wilton receive quality care without the risk of alternative methods.

Osteopathic Medicine

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