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At our Osteopathic Wellness Center we provide expert care for patients in the Waterbury, CT area. Our care is tailored around the needs of our patients to treat the underlying reasons for their pain with non-invasive treatment. Here we help our patients attain a healthy and natural daily balance whether they suffer from illness or injury, or even have no injury.*

Conditions We Treat:

Many other medical facilities use a pharmaceutical approach, but we provide a natural and holistic alternative. Our care is designed to treat the body as a whole by helping it to heal itself naturally. We are fully licensed and insured. You can simply call our office if you want to set up an appointment.

Our Osteopathic Doctor: Dr. David Johnston

Dr. Johnston  is a trained osteopathic physician with both board certification and hospital training. Whether you suffer from neck and back pain, accident trauma, or migraines, Dr. Johnston is here to provide Waterbury with a non-invasive, holistic alternative to surgery.* Dr. Johnston provides decades of medical experience to Waterbury in addition to years of osteopathic expertise.


Our Osteopathic Clinic serving Waterbury, CT

Our Osteopathic Wellness Center offers our patients a natural, holistic alternative to invasive pharmaceutical or surgical treatment.* Here we help you enjoy a healthier and more natural lifestyle by restoring your body’s natural balance.

Our treatment is a hands-on alternative to pharmaceutical or surgical treatments. We do not use prescription medicines with their potentially uncomfortable side effects, but rather use natural supplements.* Additionally we test your body for nutritional issues and work to help you develop a healthy lifestyle free from injury or illness. Dr. Johnston does not believe in treating symptoms, but rather correcting the underlying cause of the pain while helping patients to live a healthy, natural lifestyle.


We offer our Waterbury, CT patients:

Waterbury, CT Osteopathic Treatment for:

Accident Trauma

Has a car accident, fall, or illness stolen your strength or mobility? Our osteopathic treatment can provide a way for you to restore your body. With techniques like myofascial release and lymphatic drainage we can reduce the pain and swelling that often comes from injury.

With the care and expertise of our osteopathic physician we can help patients in the Waterbury area restore their bodies, whether this be restoring strength, range of motion, or both.* In order to restore mobility we use methods that reduce scar tissue buildup. This lets us prevent the distress on the joints and fascia that surgery and injury can cause. If you have recently had surgery we also offer rehab in addition to treatment for those experiencing a swelling of the legs, concussion, accident based whiplash, or various other injuries

Back Pain & Neck Pain

One of our osteopathic care’s specialties is the treatment of people suffering back and neck injuries. This can include treating injuries resulting from heavy lifting, awkward movements, extended periods of remaining sedentary, various form of stress and weight issues, and more.

Our treatment is tailored to each individual patient through an examination of x-rays, scans, and other tests and techniques. However, our general process involves gently massaging the muscles. This serves to aid the body in returning to its natural state and relaxing.* Dr. Johnston provides patients in the Waterbury area with with professional treatment and care that provides them relief from their pain.*

Chronic Health Conditions: Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue…

These chronic conditions, autoimmune disease, and hormonal imbalance can dramatically worsen a person’s health and general sense of wellbeing. Dr. Johnston carefully selects the right treatment for each individual patient by diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of their pain. In order to diagnose and identify the root cause of the pain Dr. Johnston carefully examines symptoms and listens closely to patients.

Here at Osteopathic Wellness Center we mix functional and integrative approaches to medicine and complement these approaches with laboratory testing.*


Concussions have noticeable effects on the way that a person’s brain usually operates and therefore can have serious long term effects if left untreated or undertreated. Dr. Johnston can use osteopathic manipulative treatment though to shorten recovery time and help prevent or minimize any long term side effects.*

Jaw Issues: Jaw Pain, TMJ, Sleep Apnea…

We work with clients to help treat a variety of jaw issues including clicking, restricted airways, TMJ caused issues, dental problems, and more. We also offer cranial osteopathy and holistic dentistry to help treat problems relating to the teeth, jaws, and face. Our osteopathic treatments and Advanced Light Force (ALF) methods are taken from functional orthodontics and are effective ways of aiding your body in healing itself.

Our care can help properly situate the jaw in order for it to reach proper alignment and correct airway function by establishing the right balance of tongue and jaw. If you are a Waterbury area resident facing problems with the jaw such as overbite, teeth grinding, snoring, or others, do not hesitate to call us today.

Migraines & Headaches

Structural imbalances, anxiety, stress, poor diet, incorrect posture, spasms and other neck problems in addition to other similar issues can cause migraines and headaches. With this knowledge and years of experience, Dr. Johnston can diagnose the cause of your migraines and then provide hands on gentle care and the proper migraine treatment.

Sports Injuries

Dr. David Johnston also treats athletic injuries, such as inflammation or other problems with balance. Our treatment options range from supplements to hands-on treatment.

Pain from Whiplash

We help patients recover from motor vehicle accidents, giving them the hands-on attention they need to reach a full recovery. We can help with hyperextension of the neck, upper back, and other such issues, examining your body carefully to diagnose and fix the damage caused by the accident.

Pregnancy & Post-Delivery Therapy

Both during and after pregnancy we can help patients. Pregnancy can involve many changes in hormones and we can help patients adjust, as well as helping them to recover quickly after delivery.

Integrative & Holistic Medicine in Waterbury

We offer both integrative and holistic medicine so your body can heal itself with natural means and avoid the use of more traditional medicine.

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine takes the entire person into account, including their lifestyle. We take into consideration the following factors:

  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Environmental
  • Spiritual
  • Social

Your Integrative & Holistic Practitioner: Dr. David Johnston

Dr. David L. Johnston combines years of experience with a commitment to natural and holistic practice. He offers you high quality care without the invasive measures of surgery or medicine.

Osteopathic Medicine in Waterbury, CT

We provide one of the best alternatives to surgical or pharmaceutical medicine, helping treat the causes and not the symptoms, helping your body heal itself into a lasting recovery.

*Such diagnoses and treatments depend upon the particular patient, their condition, and constitution. We offer no guarantees about the results of our treatments.

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