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The Osteopathic Wellness Center can help you diagnose and treat any bodily injury, illness, or discomfort with a holistic approach. For those in the Roxbury, CT area, we can create specific treatment plans with our non-invasive techniques. Instead of partaking in risky surgeries and avoiding medicated approaches, we can help you care for your body in a natural way that can lead you to a healthier and well-balanced lifestyle.*

Conditions We Treat:

For our patients in Roxbury, CT area, The Osteopathic Wellness Center offers the most effective methods of natural healing. Our fully licensed and trained physicians can create unique treatment plans for any illness or discomfort you may be feeling. We seek to cure any cause of pain, and help you achieve better health. Please, schedule an appointment with us today.

Our Osteopathic Doctor: Dr. David Johnston

Our trained and board certified osteopathic physician for our facility is Dr. David L. Johnston. He specializes in holistic and natural approaches to the betterment of health, instead of using potentially harmful treatments and risky practices. Dr. Johnston wants to help those in the Roxbury, CT area with safe measures to cure pains ranging from bodily injuries like neck pain and back pain to post-injury effects like migraines and chronic pain.* It doesn’t matter what you are suffering from or what type of accident you have been in, Dr. Johnston wants to help you care for your body as a whole and help you live a healthy and natural life.*

Our Osteopathic Clinic serving Bethel, CT

Our aim is to help all of our patients with natural treatments to relieve pain and any discomfort you may be feeling. With natural treatments and holistic approaches, we can find the source of pain, implement our natural resources, and aid you to better health.*

All of our treatments will always be a safe alternative to surgical procedures or any prescribed medicine. We can assist you with a wide range of injuries, illnesses and discomforts with the use of hands-on treatment and natural supplements. Dr. Johnston encourages all patients to have a life of overall wellness.*

We offer our Roxbury, CT patients:

Roxbury, CT Osteopathic Treatment for:

Accident Trauma

The most common need for osteopathic manipulative treatment is to help those who have experienced accident trauma. Pain from motor vehicle accidents, painful falls, and sport injuries can be treated and healed with Dr. Johnston’s osteopathic techniques.* By utilizing specific and intricate techniques for certain situations like the use of myofascial release and lymphatic drainage, he can reduce pain or swelling and help you get mobile once again.*

Other than just helping recovery, Dr. Johnston’s practices can prevent additional bodily stress like swollen joints and inflamed ligaments. His hands-on approach can help those who are suffering from:

  • concussion
  • whiplash
  • swelling of limbs
  • muscle strain
  • sciatic pain

No matter what you are suffering from, Dr. Johnston will find a way to bring you back to your former health.*

Back Pain & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain is another symptom that can be treated through osteopathic manipulative treatments. These injuries can be brought on by strenuous lifting, unnatural movements, weight issues, lengthy periods of stress, and each and every one can be treated with our gentle procedures.*

All of the techniques that we use to better your health are designed to relieve pain and help you feel comfortable in the process. We will perform scans, x-rays and other tests to figure out the right action plan for you. Sometimes the best technique is to use gentle, soft-tissue massages and osteopathic medicine to relax tightened muscles and strained joints.

Chronic Health Conditions: Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue…

With osteopathic manipulative treatment we can also cover other health conditions such as chronic pain. Chronic pain conditions can be autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalances, Lyme disease and other discomforts can be treated with our practices. We take the time to look at your specific needs and help diagnose and resolve any pain you are feeling.*

Our Osteopathic Wellness Center for our Roxbury, CT patients utilizes integrative treatment with laboratory testing.*


If you are experiencing a concussion, you must seek medical help immediately. Concussions are severe head injuries that if not immediately cared for, can lead to long-term health problems and potentially harm your brain functions. For concussions, Dr. Johnston can provide you with treatments that minimize the lasting side effects and help you on the way to recovery.*

Jaw Issues: Jaw Pain, TMJ, Sleep Apnea…

Osteopathic manipulative treatments can help you with pain related to the teeth, jaw and face. By grouping together use of Advanced Light Force (ALF) methods with cranial osteopathy, Dr. Johnston can ease your clicking, pain from TMJ, dental problems, restricted airways and many other jaw-related issues.*

He can also help properly align your jaw, bringing balance to the tongue, jaw and other dental structures. This can consist of overbites, underbites, snoring, sleep apnea and many other conditions.

Migraines & Headaches

Our holistic approaches can help you ease pain from migraines and severe headaches. Migraines can result from multiple factors, like anxiety, stress, injury, muscle spasm, or accidents. It doesn’t matter how your illnesses or injuries come on, Dr. Johnston can help you recover with hands-on techniques.*

Sports Injuries

Sports can bring on many different injuries, be they intense or minor. Some illnesses may seem minor, but can result in long-term pain and consequences if you choose to ignore them. We can use techniques like gentle massages and natural supplements to fight inflammation and restore balance to your body.

Pain from Whiplash

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, chances are that you may experience whiplash. Whiplash is a hyperextension of the head and neck that can often lead to long-lasting pain and suffering. Our treatments can help address any whiplash pain you are feeling, and we can help you care for injuries for the neck. Upper back, shoulders and more. Dr. Johnston will diagnose the source of your damage and help you with recovery.*

Pregnancy & Post-Delivery Therapy

After the birth of a child, you may feel a lot of ongoing pain and discomfort. Here at the Osteopathic Wellness Center, we can help you with all kinds of post-pregnancy pains. Our practice will reduce your pain and stress and promote a healthy recovery after pregnancy.*

Integrative & Holistic Medicine in Roxbury, CT

Here at the Osteopathic Wellness Center, we can work with any patient in a healthy and natural way. Our holistic techniques will treat your entire body and help you recover naturally and without medication or invasive surgery.

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative Medicine is medicine that covers the whole of a person and takes into an account every aspect of their life. We focus on psychological aspects, physical aspects, social life and all surrounding environment when it comes to our techniques.

These consist of:

  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Physical
  • Psychological

Your Integrative & Holistic Practitioner: Dr. David Johnston

Dr. David L. Johnston wants to help you heal with a natural, holistic approach. With his expansive history in the medicine field, he can offer patients with any kind of illness or injury treatments that will help them recover and live well-balanced lives.

Osteopathic Medicine in Roxbury, CT

The Osteopathic Wellness Center assists patients in Roxbury, CT with one of the safest and holistic approaches to recovery. We want to help your body recover as a whole, and we will help you achieve a long-term and healthy lifestyle.

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