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The Osteopathic Wellness Center is your proud partner in health. We strive to help all people receive high-quality treatment without risk or long lasting injuries. We provide all people in the Mt. Kisco, NY area with safe, holistic treatments. Our practice focuses on osteopathic treatments, which invites a greater sense of wellbeing and balance. It treats your whole body and its various aspects in a safe and comfortable technique. We recognize symptoms and locate the source of pain, rather than addressing only symptoms. Regardless of your injury or illness, our osteopathic manipulative treatments can help you today.

Conditions We Treat:

Our clinic is fully licensed and insured, providing you with a safe and friendly environment to receive treatment. The Osteopathic Wellness Center provides high quality treatment that also aims to make you feel comfortable. We use hands-on methods that gently care for the body, avoiding potential risks or additional injuries. No matter what your condition may be, our treatment plans are designed to match your unique needs.* Your recovery is our goal. To set up an appointment or learn more information about our treatments, call (203) 408 – 6255.

Our Osteopathic Doctor: Dr. David Johnston

Dr. David L. Johnston is the head physician at Osteopathic Wellness Center. Dr. Johnston is a professionally trained physician with board certification and Cranial Osteopathy certification. His years of medical experience and osteopathic practice help the people of Mt. Kisco receive unbeatable care and comfort on the path to recovery. His treatments care for neck pain, back pain, accident trauma, chronic conditions, migraines, and so much more.* Dr. Johnson invites all people of Mt. Kisco to begin the path to a healthy sense of wellbeing.

Our Osteopathic Clinic serving Mt. Kisco, NY

The Osteopathic Wellness Center focuses on serving our patients of Mt. Kisco. All of our treatment plans are specially designed to match your needs and care for your condition, helping to go beyond symptom recognition and treating your actual source of pain. All of our procedures are non-invasive to help avoid risk and increase damage. We use natural supplements to promote a full recovery for all of our Mt. Kisco patients.

In order to provide a detailed treatment plan, we first need to understand the specific condition or injury. To do this, we run safe and effective tests to better understand related nutritional information. This helps us identify your needs and what methods will promote a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is your wellbeing.

We offer our Mt. Kisco, NY patients:

Mt. Kisco, NY Osteopathic Treatment for:

Accident Trauma

Accidents can often result in lifelong injury and bodily aches. This is a result of a lack of treatment or improper treatment. Our osteopathic manipulative treatments help avoid this long-lasting pain and promote a healthy recovery. If your accident is from a fall, vehicle accident, sports, or any other type of incident, our treatment plans can help you. We treat for a decrease in mobility, loss of strength, increase in bodily pain, and help you gain an overall recovery. Our hands-on methods help our Mt. Kisco patients with a decrease in potential scar tissue and unnecessary pain.

Through the use of lymphatic drainage and myofascial release, we can decrease swelling form your injury. Other bodily strains, such as from muscle pulling, or whiplash and concussions, can be treated with our holistic techniques. They should be treated immediately and properly. We help you with a detailed treatment plan to understand your best path to recovery.

Back Pain & Neck Pain

One of the most common bodily pains is in the back and neck region. This can come from an accident, unnatural movement, lifting heavy objects, weight related issues, or a variety of other sources. Our osteopathic manipulative treatments and gentle massage techniques can help your strained muscles and sooth inflamed joints.* We use x-rays, scans, and additional tests to figure out the best treatment plan for your condition.

Chronic Health Conditions: Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue…

Osteopathic manipulative treatment can also help in reducing pain from chronic conditions. This includes autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. Our train physicians help our patients in not only diagnosing the issue, but treating the underlying cause of pain. We supplement our technical and integrative medical approaches with laboratory testing to back up all results. This helps us better understand your condition as well.


Concussions are severe injuries or after effects of injuries. They are commonly associated with physical impacts or accidents with sharp striking of the head. If not treated immediately or properly, it can result in long-term side effects. This includes a negative impact on cranial operations later on in life. To avoid such negative outcomes, we provide out Mt. Kisco patients with healthy recovery plans for concussions.* Our treatment is designed to reduce the risk and effects of concussions, all while feeling comfortable.

Jaw Issues: Jaw Pain, TMJ, Sleep Apnea…

Several pain issues related to the jaw can be looked over as trivial, but quickly build up until it is chronic. In order to avoid such build up, receive treatment today. Our osteopathic manipulative treatments help our Mt. Kisco patients receive relief from jaw pain. Through the combination of holistic dentistry and cranial osteopathy, we care for the pain holistically. We also use Advanced Light Force methods to aid in unblocking airways, treating for TMJ, and for minimizing clicking. We also treat for additional dental conditions, such as underbites, overbites, grinding, sleep apnea, and more.

Migraines & Headaches

Migraines and headaches are common side effects for injuries that have not received proper treatment. As treatment is prolonged, these headaches can become chronic. Our treatments can also address such chronic head pain and locate the underlying cause of pain. Our years of experience with hands-on treatments help all our patients of Mt. Kisco.

Sports Injuries

Sports are a common source for injuries for all range of ages. If a sports-related injury is left unattended, the body can heal improperly and result in long-lasting side effects. The Osteopathic Wellness Center helps all athletes receive a quick recovery and get back to the gym, field, or court. We care for a wide variety of bodily injuries, including, tears, sprains, strains, and muscle pulls.

Pain from Whiplash

Whiplash in the common term used to describe drastic changes of movements with the head and neck. This can cause major discomfort in the neck region, also impacting the back, shoulders, and torso. If left unattended, the effects of whiplash can endure longer than necessary. We help treat for whiplash immediately and properly, no matter its severity.* Our goal is for all out Mt. Kisco patients to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

Pregnancy & Post-Delivery Therapy

Pregnancy brings about a limitless number of changes. Among those changes are bodily growth and hormonal imbalance, which can all cause discomfort or pain. Our osteopathic manipulative methods help our Mt. Kisco patients have a healthy pregnancy, as well as promote a quick recovery after the delivery. We use special techniques to reduce stress, joint pressure, and encourage bodily balance.*

Integrative & Holistic Medicine in Mt. Kisco

Integrative and holistic medicine helps our Mt. Kisco patients receive a healthy and natural recovery from their injuries and illnesses. We use this approach in all of our osteopathic treatments, avoiding risks and potential damage that can come from surgeries or pharmaceutical approaches. We care for the entire body.

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine refers to caring for the body as a whole. It utilizes holistic practices to treat entirely, rather than selectively. Our treatment plans consider every aspect of our patients’ live. This includes aspects such as social life, psychological impacts, surrounding environment, and spiritual influence.

Your Integrative & Holistic Practitioner: Dr. David Johnston

Dr. David L. Johnson proudly serves all people of Mt. Kisco, NY. With years of medical experience and expertise practice in osteopathic treatments, Dr. Johnston helps all patients receive quality care and attention. his holistic practices are designed to promote quick recoveries and generally healthy lifestyle.

Osteopathic Medicine in Mt. Kisco, NY

The Osteopathic Wellness Center strives to help all people in the Mt. Kisco, NY area. Our unique hands-on, non-invasive treatments care for a variety of conditions and illnesses, including physical ailments and chronic situations. Our goal is your healthy wellbeing. We are your proud partners in health.

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