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Here at The Osteopathic Wellness Center we are driven to deliver exceptional osteopathic care to all who walk through our doors so they can receive safe professional treatment instead of undergoing risky surgery or pharmaceutical treatments. We are here to provide the best holistic osteopathic services for the residents of Lincolndale and encourage a better way of living when caring for their bodies. None of our practices engage in invasive treatments. We want all of our clients to feel safe and comfortable in our care. Our procedures work by identifying symptoms and isolating the source of pain prior to treating it. We want residents of Lincolndale to understand The Osteopathic Wellness Center is here to get them on a path of bodily health and a pain-free lifestyle.

Conditions We Treat:

All osteopathic practitioners at The Osteopathic Wellness Center are licensed, and insured, operating in a certified facility that strives to create a positive atmosphere. We want residents of Lincolndale to experience exceptional osteopathic treatment, so they can go home with their pain problems solved. Our osteopathic treatments are hands-on, non-invasive practices that engage the entire body. Our procedures cover areas all over the body to ensure full treatment of pain-prone regions of the body. The Osteopathic Wellness Center treats all types of osteopathic conditions. Call us today to set up an appointment: (203)-408-6255.

Our Osteopathic Doctor: Dr. David Johnston

The lead physician at The Osteopathic Wellness Center is Dr. David L. Johnston. Dr. Johnston has an outstanding record of medical experience with many years in the field of osteopathic care. As an professionally trained physician, certified by a board, in addition to a special certification in Cranial Osteopathy, Dr. Johnston is highly qualified in our wellness center. Dr. Johnston’s treatments care for conditions like neck pain, back pain, migraines, trauma from accidents, chronic pain conditions, and much more. Dr. Johnston is motivated to care for all the residents in Lincolndale, NY.

Our Osteopathic Clinic serving Lincolndale, NY

The Osteopathic Wellness Center strives to create a safe and positive atmosphere for all of our clients. Your comfortability and safety is important to us. Our osteopathic treatments hold a focus on relieving painful conditions in your body, as well as educating you on preventative measures to keep you healthy once you leave. All of our treatments are non-invasive and are meant to help you avoid having to undergo surgery or use pharmaceutical alternatives. After proper diagnosis we get started on treatments that target deep areas inside of the body pain or abnormalities stems from. Complimenting our treatments, natural supplements help aid in the recovery process for all of our Lincolndale clients.

Prior to engaging in any treatment we conduct safe tests on the body to get an accurate diagnosis of our patient’s conditions. From there we can formulate the proper treatment procedures that need to take place, as well as make any nutritional recommendations. We are motivated to bring the best care to all residents in Lincolndale.

We offer our Lincolndale, NY patients:

Lincolndale, NY Osteopathic Treatment for:

Accident Trauma

Accidents happen all the time. Unfortunately, accidents can cause pain that does not go away unless you undergo the proper treatment. If your accident occurs by motor-vehicle, sports, falls, lifts or by any other physical means The Osteopathic Wellness Center can help you get on the road to recovery. Undergoing our treatment procedures can put you on the right path to regaining physical strength, mobility, flexibility, reduction and elimination of pain, as well as comfort. With our hands-on treatment we are able to assess and target areas of severe pain. Additionally, we engage in myofascial release and lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and reduce pain in certain areas.

We engage in treatments with Lincolndale residents to get rid of scar tissue in areas experiencing pain. We also treat for joint and muscle pains, as well as any other physical stress throughout the body. The Osteopathic Wellness Center employs recovery methods for people who have received recent injuries or have undergone surgery and are experiencing pain or discomfort.

Back Pain & Neck Pain

Common injuries car accidents or heavy lifting are back and neck pain. Pain in these areas can last for a very long time. With our manipulative osteopathic techniques we can engage these areas and provide pain relief with massages, eliminating strain from inflamed joints. We also provide scans, x-rays, and other sophisticated bodily assessment tools at The Osteopathic Wellness Center. These tools help us accurately diagnose your bodily pains and conditions so we can administer proper treatment.

Chronic Health Conditions: Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue…

At The Osteopathic Wellness Center we are able to treat patients in Lincolndale with chronic conditions like hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, as well as many other chronic conditions. Physicians at The Osteopathic Wellness Center are licensed and trained to help engage with hands-on treatment for chronic conditions, as well as recommend any nutritional remedies to help your treatment even further.

Prior to any treatment procedures we employ diagnostic tests to get a good understanding of your condition. This way we can directly assess your condition and get you on a path to recovery right away.


Concussions are injuries that should not be taken lightly. Individuals who suffer a concussion run the risk of falling into a coma and even run the risk of possible brain damage. Without a proper assessment of the individual by a professional there is no way of knowing if an individual is going to suffer any of these outcomes of a concussion. Our mission is to make sure our Lincolndale patients are safe and healthy before they leave our center.

Jaw Issues: Jaw Pain, TMJ, Sleep Apnea…

Individuals who suffer from jaw pain should be lightened to hear that their pain is easily treatable. However, should they choose to ignore their jaw pain, they run the risk of acquiring an even longer lasting pain. Applying knowledge of holistic orthodontics in line with cranial osteopathy, we are able to eliminate discomfort stemming from oral regions. We employ the use of Advanced Light Force (ALF) including methods to clear airways, TMJ treatment, clicking reduction, and promote positive wellbeing of overall health.

The osteopathic treatments we use care for multiple orthodontic conditions like, overbites and underbites, grinding, snoring, sleep apnea, and more. The Osteopathic Wellness Center treats jaw issues for all patients in the Lincolndale area.

Migraines & Headaches

Chronic conditions like migraines are treatable at The Osteopathic Wellness Center. Our hands-on osteopathic treatments work to isolate and identify the possible causes of your migraines as well as decrease the pain caused by them. We want residents of Lincolndale to know that we are here to provide them with the proper care to relieve the pain they are experiencing from migraines and headaches.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are a common source of pain and conditions that can be long lasting. Sometimes injuries can be so severe they last for a lifetime. At The Osteopathic Wellness Center, we work to eliminate the pains and conditions resulting from sports injuries. Whether it be a tear, sprain, or fracture we are here to provide the proper treatment for it. We want to get all of our athletes in Lincolndale, NY back in the game!

Pain from Whiplash

Accidents from motor vehicles can often be severe and even long lasting. Sometimes they can even result in chronic physical conditions. Sudden forces like whiplashes during a car accident often result in neck and back injuries. Sometimes pain from these injuries can spread to the shoulders and other areas of the torso. We urge individuals who suffer pain from car accidents to seek medical treatment immediately, before their condition worsens. We insist all Lincolndale patients who suffer from motor vehicle accidents to seek help from our facility as soon as possible.

Pregnancy & Post-Delivery Therapy

Pregnancies can bring about alterations to a woman’s body. Sometimes these changes can result in conditions that bring about abnormalities and discomfort. Osteopathic treatment can help aid with noticeable changes that come from pregnancies.

After a woman delivers her child it would be ideal for her to seek osteopathic treatment as well. This way she can be on her way to a speedy recovery, while catching any bodily changes that occur during pregnancy and delivery. The Osteopathic Wellness Center is here to care for the mothers of Lincolndale, NY.

Integrative & Holistic Medicine in Lincolndale

When we care for our patients at The Osteopathic Wellness Center we want to steer them away from alternative treatments that can be risky like pharmaceuticals. At our wellness centers we employ integrative and holistic medicine practices to ensure our patients are not ingesting any unknown toxins into their body that can potentially pose an even greater risk to their health.

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is a way to care for the body through natural and organic medicinal practices. It is a way to further treat a patient’s condition after experiencing our hands-on body manipulation procedures. At The Osteopathic Wellness Center we value the health of all of our patient throughout Lincolndale.

Your Integrative & Holistic Practitioner: Dr. David Johnston

Dr. David L. Johnston is the lead osteopathic physician here at The Osteopathic Wellness Center. As a holistic and integrative osteopathic practitioner he posses expertise in the field of natural osteopathic practices and holistic treatment procedures. Dr. Johnston is capable of speedy recoveries for all of our patients in Lincolndale, NY.

Osteopathic Medicine in Lincolndale, NY

When you come to The Osteopathic Wellness Center we prioritize the health of all of our patients. We urge residents in the Lincolndale, NY area to visit our clinic to start treatment on any chronic conditions, pains, discomfort or injuries they may be experiencing. Let us help you get on the path to recovery and long lasting health!

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