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Migraines are caused by a number of factors such as family history, reaction to different foods, anxiety, stress, and structural imbalances. Tension-type headache pain is described as if the head is being constantly squeezed in a vice. Headaches are derived from muscle spasms in the neck and joint irritations that often come about from poor posture or injuries. There is often venous blood congestion and small compressions in the sutures at the base of the skull bones. Another contributing factor to headaches is inflammation, which can result from poor diet or toxins that can accumulate over time from an intestinal imbalance (leaky gut syndrome).

What is Osteopathic Medicine?

Osteopathic medicine is a unique form of medical practice in the United States. Osteopathic medicine provides all of the traditional aspects of modern medicine including prescription drugs, surgery, and the use of technology to diagnose or evaluate disease and injury.

What makes osteopathic medicine unique is its inclusion of a hands-on diagnosis and treatment by means of therapy commonly known as osteopathic manipulative medicine. The goal of osteopathic medicine is to procure a heightened level of wellness by emphasizing health promotion and preventative practices on disease. There exists four tenets of osteopathic medicine of which our Osteopathic Physicians (DOs) serving Ridgefield, Danbury and New Canaan adhere to:

  • The body is unanimously connected; any person is a fully functioning coalescence of body, mind, and spirit.
  • Our body’s have the capabilities to be self-healing, self-regulating, and self-maintaining in terms of health.
  • The structure and function of body parts are directly correlated and interrelated. Meaning that if an abnormality in structure arises, dysfunction is a direct manifestation of said abnormality– and vice versa.
  • Practical treatment is established upon interpretation of these three tenets mentioned above.

How our osteopathic treatment can help

  • Cranial osteopathy is a system of gentle hands-on manipulation of the bones and tissues of the skull and brain to help restore the flow of cerebro-spinal fluid circulation through the central nervous system, and to normalize health and balance of our Ridgefield, Danbury, and New Canaan patients.*
  • Gentle pressure to tight muscles and manipulation to loosen the joints of the neck, thorax and upper back can relieve the build-up of muscular tension and facial strain that may lead to headaches.*
  • Our Ridgefield office serving Danbury and New Canaan may advise on exercise, lifestyle, and dietary changes, or offer guidance on simple changes to your posture when at work or driving.

Some types of headaches we treat:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Migraines
  • Post-concussion headaches
  • Tension headaches
  • Sinus headaches and sinusitis

Osteopathic Techniques to Treat Migraine & Headache Include:

  • Cervical soft tissue massage — A type of paraspinal tissue massage which helps to relieve spasms associated with tension headaches.
  • Occipital decompression — A technique involving the use of fingertips to manually stretch the paraspinal tissue at the base of the skull; commonly and effectively used to halt migraine headaches in their tracks. Patients can be taught to do so at home.
  • Myofascial unwinding — An exercise that unwinds the tissues surrounding the muscles in spasm.

Why Choose the Osteopathic Wellness Center?

Contrary to other medical practices that forego the notion of the body’s natural ability to heal itself, we at Osteopathic Wellness Center serving Ridgefield, Danbury and New Canaan use a hands-on approach to gently and precisely diagnose as well as treat the body naturally. Utilizing our knowledge of general medicine combined with a holistic perspective, we can properly assess and manipulate the body’s muscles, joints, soft tissues, and fluids in order to return them back to their natural circulation, correct alignment and function. In addition to solely treating your migraine and headache problems, we strive to provide our Danbury area patients with expert advice on nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices so that you may leave our office with the resources to feel healthier than ever before. *

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*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment vary by patient and condition. Osteopathic Wellness Center does not guarantee certain results.

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