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Our mission is to be a gateway to healing on all levels; engaging spirit and promoting physical and mental wellness.

At the Osteopathic Wellness Center, we provide a unique natural approach to addressing pain and illness. From our warm and friendly staff, to our serene and tranquil healing space, our focus is on you, the patient, where we offer the best in ancient, time-tested natural healing methods to the most advanced systems of prescription and diagnostic testing offered by Western medical science. At OWC, we treat the whole person, mind, body and spirit.

We offer gentle, non-invasive, drug-free hands-on treatments for overcoming acute and chronic conditions. Under the supervision of Dr. David Johnston, Osteopathic Physician, each individual is provided with a customized treatment plan that may include Osteopathic manual treatment, Cranial Osteopathy, integrated manual therapy, nutritional counseling and conventional medical testing. We also offer many educational workshops to help individuals empower themselves on their own healing journeys.

By looking at the whole person, and focusing on the root cause of stress, dis-ease and discomfort in the body, Dr. Johnston helps each person achieve health and balance by helping them use their body’s best medicine, their own immune system. By addressing imbalances, previous injuries and traumas to the body’s “living anatomy” (the rhythm and flow of fluids, and the structure of soft tissues, muscles, bones and joints) Dr. Johnston helps remove and release these impediments to the body’s natural state of wellness and equilibrium through Osteopathic treatments. This in turn, helps the body to heal itself. Dr. Johnston also takes a detailed health history of each patient, and discusses their stress levels, nutrition, exercise, emotional, mental and spiritual state of health to determine the best treatment plan for each person, which may include additional therapies and supplements offered by his caring and professional staff of seasoned practitioners.

As a licensed Osteopathic physician, Dr. Johnston can incorporate conventional diagnostic testing and treatment if necessary, to provide the best of traditional and alternative therapies. This integrated approach, allows Dr. Johnston and his staff to treat each patient as an individual, focusing on their unique needs.

For more information on whether what we offer is right for you, call the Osteopathic Wellness Center at 203.438.9915.



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Dr. David L. Johnston
Osteopathic Wellness Center, LLC
158 Danbury Road
Ridgefield CT 06877
Ph. 203.438.9915 F. 203.431.4410

Osteopathic & Cranial Treatment, Holistic Medicine and Nutrition
for Adults, Children and Newborns

Specializing in Musculoskeletal Pain Relief, Trauma Recovery, and Children's Health

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